Wednesday, August 20, 2014

... Skulls and Bats ^o^ School Supply Post...

Although I’m technically on sabbatical this semester, I run placement testing for the university and was on campus today for New Student Orientation. I love being around all that *new* energy—new students, new schedules, new classrooms, and new SUPPLIES!!!

I can’t let the season pass without walking down the school supply aisle. Even when I don’t *need* anything in particular, I can always find a little something. This makes me excited because BACK IN MY DAY (eye rolls from young readers), I had to DIY my notebooks and binders. Now it’s a bit easier to find supplies that are a bit more aesthetically pleasing to our little counter-culture community.

So here are a few finds! 
Pencil case from Michael's

Lunch bag from PotteryBarn Teen
A flashdrive with skulls!
A notebook from Target... a notebook with a bat!

In keeping with my DIY roots, here's a small project that made an ordinary journal/notebook into one that is much more me. I found a plain off white journal at Michael's. I changed the rope for a nice black ribbon, and I added a Sugar Skull  Betsey Johnson iron-on. The best part is that when the journal is full, I can replace the notebook with a new one.
The total cost was about $15. 

Harvey's Seatbelt Bag with Bath & Body Works Bat Hand Sanitizer holder (the eyes light up!)
Finally, a reminder that if you can buy a quality item that will last the years, you won't have to go with a *new* find. I was (okay fine, I still am) a bag-girl. Bags are just so pretty!!! I also used to go through work bags almost seasonally because with my extreme commute, I'm pretty hard on bags. This bag is from the collection of Harveys for Disney Couture Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Seatbeltbags. It's a mouthful and it was pricey even by my standards BUT I am still very much in love with this bag since the day I bought it three-ish years ago. It has been my only work bag since. It also does not go over my shoulder which I have to add is the best feature ever considering I've tortured by back for years with bags which weigh nearly/atleast/maybe more than 20 lbs. (I'm a Lit professor... those Nortons are heavy!)


  1. Those are some great school supplies! I would have loved them in my school days. In my uni days I usually just threw an a4 book and a few pens in the bottom of my backpack, ha ha.

    I am still looking for that perfect bag. I had a great velvet bag that was practically perfect that I somehow got rid of and haven't found one to replace it since. I don't do tiny bags, I need my bag to fit a water bottle, small umbrella, wallet, phone, etc.

    1. I'm like you. I need a good size bag BUT I have the terrible habit of finding tiny clutches that don't even fit my wallet :-/ I like Harveys bags because they're made out of seatbelts and even if I drop kick them on a daily basis they last :) Not that I'm drop-kicking bags but you know what I mean.

  2. I am going to head out to Target on my lunch hour to see if they have that notebook, I don't really *need* one but it is so darned cute, Going to get one for home and one for my notes at the office. If I leave it laying around, everyone will know it belongs to me :)

    1. Last year I lost a pendant from my jacket while on campus. Because it was bat related, the student who found it knew it must be mine :) He didn't even know me but had seen me around on campus. Sometimes having specific taste pays off!

  3. That "Not a morning person" bat note-book is so cute! I wish it was available in the UK... The DIY project is snazzy :)