Sunday, August 17, 2014

... another weekend with tombs, bats, skeletons, and a boombox ...

The weekend began in a scary fashion with the onset of two ocular migraines and vertigo... I made an appointment to see an eye doctor on Monday and then I cried to Mom because that's what you do (if you can) when you're 40 and you get scared.  My fella, as always, was a great comfort. He made me dinner and reminded me of the stress I’ve had recently. I am a worrier big time but recently there seems to be an influx of that about which I should worry, worry, worry.  Whenever I’m freaked out or stressed, two things help me relax—Gardening! And Crafts! 

On Saturday morning, I tackled my back and side yards. I’m in a townhouse and my backyard isn’t huge but I have made it very Secret Garden like so there is a bit of work to do. I also mow
my own lawn after the community landscapers weren’t so neat in the past. I cut grass, pruned, and rimmed back my gigantic butterfly bushes, partly because there was a storm with heavy rainfall and one was beginning to topple over. Full force gardening isn’t the best thing to do when you’re not feeling very well but sometimes if I push my body I feel a bit better. Of course today I’m a bit achy from doing so.

I didn’t work on any major crafts but I did write a quote on one of my Pottery Barn tombstones and find a home for them. I also remembered that while on my recent Pennsylvania trip, I stopped in a Michael’s craft store to see if their items were any different than those at home and sure enough I found these adorable tombstone place cards.

My fella came over and brought me a present, a tiny purple speaker. It’s a Jawbone Jambox Portable Limited Edition Wireless Speaker in Purple Hex. I’m sure it’s fancy but since I've never downloaded a song on my own (read that as I still buy actual CD's when I can and I hand them to him to add to my iTunes library to load on my numerous devices), I happily stay in the dark. The gadgets he brings into my life are handy and helpful. He’s very sweet as he so desperately tries to introduce me to the current decade hee hee.
We headed to the bookstore to browse and stopped in the Pier 1 next door. I *had to* buy these earrings and the bracelet! They were just too cute and one can never have enough bats or skeletons. 


  1. I loved blown glass animals as a kid, that bracelet and earrings are just the cutest thing ever!

    I love the gravestone place settings!

    And a Morticia quote!

    It's good that doing things like working in the garden help distract you when you are stressed, we all need things like that. I normally retreat to reading or watching tv series if I have any good ones at the moment. I like sewing too but sometimes that can be stressful- thread breaking, etc. and then it doesn't help so much!

    1. I love reading but when I need to truly distract myself, I have to do something that requires my hands. And I also need something I can mess up :) Chalk can be erased!

  2. Love your little trinkets :) I too had a migraine over the weekend! It is nice to have someone to take care of us, isn't it!

  3. What fabulous finds!!! And I agree, one can NEVER have too many bats or skeletons!!