Saturday, August 30, 2014

... letting the garden go wild...

There is actually a tree behind the butterfly bush so it is a bit of an illusion
 A few years ago I was at a gardening workshop at a local greenhouse and I remember a woman being mortified when I mentioned how large I *allowed* my butterfly bushes to grow. In fact, in my backyard which isn't very big because I live in a town-house I prune but I don't really structure my plants. I like things to grow wild looking because ultimately I feel like my garden is my own secret space.

When the neighborhood children try to peep in (and they do), they can't see much in the summer. I mean, how much could you see through this butterfly bush madness!?! I'm allowed to sit and watch birds, red, or even grill on my wee (vegetarian) grill in peace. I also live across the street from a truck stop which to me isn't a problem at all because my community is extremely close to Interstate 95 and with my extreme commute, location is everything! The community has planted trees which mostly block the view of the trucks but adding vegetation to my own backyard blocks the white noise of the trucks, the squeals of children playing, and my gossipy neighbor who is always on the phone on her porch.

I love yard art. Here's a piece I picked up at the local ReFunkIt a few years ago.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I really do need to cut back this little guy but he just looks crazy and it makes me laugh. Plus, the wine and green colors of the foliage are gorgeous. I'm not being coy in withholding the plant's name... I can't recall at the moment. The garden should look a bit like this until late fall especially since Central Virginia typically has a mild climate (not so much last year but that's a different story). I look forward to sitting out in the garden when it becomes a bit cooler. 


  1. I really like how you let things grow wild and if I were in your shoes, I would do the same thing! Not only does it look gorgeous, it blocks out noise!

    1. Thanks :D I have to be more structured on the side and in my front gardens so I might as well *grow* wild bwa ha ha ha... clears throat.

  2. I think your garden looks lovely. Keeping it a bit wild makes the wild life thrive. I have noticed how much birds love our fuzzy garden.

  3. I like gardens to be allowed to go a little wild. I always loved the whole beautiful old house with wild garden thing. and keeping nosey neighbours and kids out is ALWAYS good!

  4. I love the "Secret Garden" wildness of your garden, I wish mine could do that! But it's a very bare spot, I have trouble getting water in (no spigot) and I have a large plum tree that shades most of it, so I have trouble getting lush foliage. But my "neglected pet cemetery" theme is helping! :-)