Thursday, September 7, 2017

...losses and gains in life and in gardens...

The weedwacking saga has come to an end. Yesterday, in the pouring rain, the resurrected hibiscus plants produced beautiful flowers. There were five red blooms on one plant, and two pink blooms with bud blooming today. They are beautiful and magical, and exactly what I needed to see at the start of what will be a busy September leading into an even busier October.
In the truest of miracles, the hibiscus blooms that tend to only stay for a mere day, stayed blooming into this morning so that I could see them without the rain showers. They’re a bit messy but I think they’re amazing.

This year, the pumpkin vine grew and grew but did not produce any pumpkins. It’s still nice to look at though, and I have plenty of faux pumpkins around the house to keep my spirits up.

Today while I work, I have Witches Brew burning in a Yankee candle display from a few years ago. It’s a gate with a pumpkin and fall leaves. I always think of it as a cemetery gate. And, speaking of cemeteries, I brought home my cemetery terrarium. It was not doing well at all since my office does not get the best light. Still, no complaints because I do have a window.

Monday, September 4, 2017

...'mums' is the word...

I have been back to work for a few weeks now but last week was the first week of classes. That always adds another layer of adjustment, which leads to first-week-exhaustion. Today is Labor Day and the university is closed. Along with some errands, I ended up purchasing fall mums! I have wanted to for weeks but they had not been out until this weekend.

My Labor Day turned into a day of garden labor. I delight in my backyard secret garden because it is fenced in and I can do pretty much whatever I like. The front yard did not need much work because it is somewhat regulated by our townhouse community association. Boxwoods are boxed; and, as I believe I have pouted before, the landscapers weed-wacked my hibiscus and daylilies. Although I won’t have any blooms from the Nosferatu daylily as it’s a once-a-year bloomer, the plants are all growing strong. I should even have some light purple hibiscus blooms this week.

Our “summer” is nowhere near finished. The pumpkin plant in the back is growing strong (nearly an inch from the top of the privacy fence) even without any fruit. And, right now it is terribly entertaining to be back there because nature is happening! The butterfly bushes are in full bloom, and hummingbirds and bees are having their way with each and every flower.  I have plenty of nights ahead of me sitting on that back patio. This is also the last year of the patio furniture. It falls apart a bit more each time I sit down or touch it. If I had more frequent visitors back there, I would have had to replace it last year but I was determined to make it one more year. It was a gift from my parents about 15 years ago. When the days turn cooler, the patio furniture will be taken to be recycled; and, my fella and I will figure out what works best for both of us.

But back to the front yard…

Technically, seasonal displays are not allowed until 30 days before a holiday; and, they are only allowed to remain there for 15 days. A neighbor put out a Halloween flag so I got down my Halloween wreath, which is really the only true Halloween decoration I have. Living with Halloween-inspired pieces year-round makes me delight in the new items with the realization that there is not much room left. I’m pretty good at tucking and making things work but it means that the pieces have to be high-quality pieces and/or so dorky that I cannot live without it. Of course, the latter have a way of going to my work office since my fella, who has a great deal of tolerance for so many things, is a bit creeped out by others. While I huff and puff sometimes about no longer being a single girl living alone, he has made my life and our home so much better by moving here. His first comment to this post would be to mutter “flat screen television” but sometimes I miss the ease of my big, boxy, all-in-one tv with a DVD and a VHS player!

Today when I picked up mums, I immediately headed toward the dark wine-color flowers but hesitated. There were yellow mums too, which are my fella’s preference. In the end, I picked the orange mums since orange is a color upon which we both can agree.

It will be a few weeks before I mourn the end of summer; fortunately, that takes us into fall, one of my favorite seasons. I already can feel the magic of the holidays lingering about. My schedule is completely full beginning in two weeks. It will take me through October and into November when finally starts to slow down, rhyming with the growth in my garden. 

My colleague's daughter gave me this print, "Advice from a Bat." I have been trying to follow some of this advice for years but having it come from a bat is even better.