Wednesday, February 20, 2019

...the thin veil between seasons...

Today was a snow day and it was a lazy, magical day. I did nothing! Well, I watched some movies and read on the sofa. I fixed a big Thanksgiving style dinner that confused my husband. What can I say? I was craving green bean casserole. And, I checked a few work emails from my phone while on the sofa.

There wasn’t much snow here. We have more ice. There’s a wintry mix as I write. Yet, Washington, D.C., where I work about 100 miles north of here, was supposed to get a substantial amount of snow and ice. I don’t think they had anything like what was expected but still… we had a snow day!

It is probably best that the ground is covered with ice. We had a beautiful day earlier in the week. It was 60 degrees and our neighbor was out with his mulch. Hmph. It’s too early for that in my book.

It isn’t too early for a few reminders that spring is coming. A pansy that somehow survived our winter. And, what are these bulbs that are ready to bloom. I didn’t plant them. Our home is still providing all the mystery and magic of wonder.

I cannot wait to get out there and bring this yard to life. It deserves to be loved. This place was abandoned for too long. Well, there were renters who seemingly did not tend to the land but I am talking about seriously loving the land. Hugging the trees, thanking the soil, worshipping nature in our copse.

I have already pruned back the roses that had grown incredibly wild over the years. They’re now a third of their size. When March comes, I will prune the boxwoods that are equally wild. The two holly bushes that have been in pots on our front porch will go into the ground. I hope to add two every year and create a holly forest.

But for now, I think I will return to my winter slumber. It isn’t spring just yet.