Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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I honestly didn't think I had so many bats around my house. I noticed it tonight when The Occasional Bat posted this beauty on their Facebook page. I'm a sucker for pinstripes so he was mine in mere minutes... maybe even seconds.

I can't recall how I stumbled upon The Occasional Bat. I'm sure it was their Etsy page first and then their website. I would recommend checking out both if you like plush bats. Sometimes there is more variety on their website than the Etsy page. I've loved bats as far back as I can remember. In July, I posted about my mini-vacation on Independence Day and how nice it was to just sit and watch the bats in Colonial Williamsburg. These cute little mammals are incredibly misunderstood and I often receive questions about why I like bats. I really want to respond, "why do you like puppies?" because bats make me squeal with delight in the same way I giggle over puppies... but bats can fly, and they come out at night and seemingly put on a show. Bats don't even have a movie like Old Yeller but yet the first thing some folks mention is rabies. Big ol' sigh. I just spent some time on the Center for Disease Control and in 2010 (the most recent posted data) raccoons continued to be the most frequently reported rabid wildlife species followed by skunks. Hmph.

The super cool thing about The Occasional Bat is that they donate a portion of every (full-size... they sell ornaments too) bat to The Florida Bat Conservancy which educates people about the bats native to Florida, conducts research and helps build new habitats for bats across Florida.

Another cool thing is that The Occasional Bat does custom orders. Although I have the ornament size bride and groom bats, I really want bats designed like my fella and my wedding attire. I put in a custom order tonight and will keep you posted ^o^

...steps down off of bat rant soapbox...


  1. BATS... squeeeeeee!!! Gotta love 'em!! And I've seen The Occasional Bat's shop, and was tempted several times, but just don't have the available cash. I have several favorited, though.

    I have a plush brown bat my husband bought me that accompanies me on all my innumerable trips to Clearlake; I talk to him a lot, and he keeps me sane! :-)

  2. These are so cute! I never realised bats came in so many colours! I really love the teeny teeeeny little one with the pale pink eyes!

  3. The "Why do you like bats?" question is so tiresome! When people mention rabies, I ask them if they know how many people in the U.S. die from rabies each year. Two or three. Not exactly a major threat. :P Then, of course, they mention vampire bats, which in their minds are the size of a crow and always thirsty for human blood. Sheesh.

    I was incredibly annoyed when the National Zoo closed the bat exhibit and spent a gazillion dollars on the panda exhibit. Pandas are cute, sure, but rather boring in my opinion. Yet people wait in line for two hours for the chance to glimpse them sitting around eating bamboo. I don't get it.

    1. Your comment reminds me so much of Richard Matheson's short story "Drink My Red Blood".

      I completely don't understand the panda thing either. At Busch Gardens Williamsburg, there is a penguin exhibit during their Christmastown even. My fella and I had to hug it out because we found the exhibit so dreary and sad when everyone else was so enthused by looking at border penguins. I must say, I am a big fan of animatronics. I guess I would have preferred that.