Wednesday, September 3, 2014

... not quite Fall blooms...

 I accidentally thought it was fall and went started itching for fall mums. Of course, I was planting in 86 degree weather after taking an hour and a half long walk so yay Bat Fit! I got good workouts in today right before nearly having a heat stroke :p And of course because I was trying to be girly girl last night and then went out planting today only to remember "Oh Right wear gloves to protect your nails silly! " Too late... but only one clip so that's not so bad, and the dirt under the nails can be cleaned out (not that you can see it under black polish... but cleanliness is important!)

Nothing says stay out of my garden like planting purple blooms in front a prickly cactus!
You didn't think I would have a post without a hibiscus, did you! Look at this beauty! She'll be a beautiful bloom by morning!


  1. What a gorgeous garden. I love cacti. I am too scared to get a big one so I only have a tiny little one

    1. This "little guy" was only planted with one ear three years ago. They get big fast. He's from my fella's garden... his cactus is nearly 5 ft.

  2. I love cacti! I feel like we're in some odd inbetween season here in NYC. The sunflowers are dying but none of the fall flowers are out. (and that hibiscus bud is amazing!)

  3. I can never get used to the different temperature measuring systems! In our 86 degrees you would have been burned to ashes!

    The flowers look so lovely!

  4. You bought lovely flowers for your garden! I have also been gardening this weekend, digging up my garlic and replanted them in another bed.