Sunday, July 6, 2014

... a mini-vacation with bats, finds, and fireworks...

I love being outside; I love dressing up in costume; and, I love fireworks. Needless to say, Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. For the last few years, my fella and I have been going to Colonial Williamsburg, the Revolutionary City, to vacation. We love that we can park the car and for the next few days do everything on foot.  This year we stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge. I love their Spa signature Lavender-Lemongrass shampoo, conditioner, and lotions that are provided in the rooms. We arrived and I was thrilled that our room was in the Southern Guest House which included rooms by the month. As complete luck would have it, we ended up in the October room!
The October room

July 3rd was a significant day for me. It was the first time that I can remember wearing a tank top in public. I have been self-conscious of my arms as long as I can remember. Recently, I joined Professor Z’s Bat fit and read her post which addresses fat shaming (along with a few other posts in the Facebook group) and realized that no one cares about my arms but me. It was a HOT day and my outfit was super cute so why did I really need a shrug to cover my arms. My fella showed up at my house ready to head out and I shared my thoughts. He had only noticed that I was wearing something different not that my arms weren’t toned or all the hurtful things that I tell to myself about my arms. None of those thoughts were going through his head. They were only going through mine and I’m working to end that. He thought I looked pretty, and I liked my outfit. You know what? I felt strong! Something about wearing the tank top made me feel tough and confident. It was the weirdest feeling and the best surprise.

Bat purse dressed up
After checking in, we walked around Williamsburg’s Market Square and when we tired, we sat on a bench under a tree and people-watched. Dusk came and with it came THE BATS! I grew up in the country and one of my favorite parts of cook-out activities was watching the bats fly around. My parents never instilled in me any fears about bats carrying rabies or attacking humans that I’ve overheard others mention. "Bats eat thousands of mosquitoes so yay bats" is pretty much the only thing that my parents mentioned about them. Our country is losing masses of our bat population due to white nose syndrome so it was exciting to see the Williamsburg bats swooping around happily.

Our July 4th activities included shopping, eating, participating in “colonial” activities, and then fireworks. I love shopping the antique stores and the Americana art. This year, I found an old Group of Ravens print at Mermaid Books. We always shop Danforth Pewter which I can’t mention my finds since they’re gifts.  I bought a beautiful owl brooch at The Silver Vault

And, I bought some beautiful Willamsburg watercolor cards by Rice Trolan and silverware earrings by Emily Dill at I Must Say

Another favorite pastime on vacation is eating. For the most part, I made good choices. I opted for the veggie wrap instead of the egg salad at Aromas. My planned splurge was at the ChristianaCampbell Tavern which is noted as George Washington’s favorite place for seafood. I ordered the Shrimp, Scallop and Swordfish Brochette with a Rummer (Dark Rum dashed with Apricot and Peach Brandies, and garnished with Lime and a Cherry) while we enjoyed a visit with the Campbell impersonator and the balladeer playing sea shanties.

Colonial Williamsburg Independence Day post-fireworks
Last year's Williamsburg find- a face jug by Albert Hodge
Although the vacation didn’t end this day, I good place to end this post is with fireworks. My fella forgot his hat at the tavern so while we went back to get it, we ended up away from the crowds when the fireworks began. We stood by a white picket fence with maybe a dozen locals and had a great view. Colonial Williamsburg’s fireworks are over-the-top. It indeed was a perfect vacation.


  1. What a great vacation! Happy July 4th to you :)

  2. Thanks! It really was. Of course, I'm so tuckered that the most I've accomplished today is this post... And making a sandwich ;D

  3. I love Colonial Williamsburg (said the American visual culture scholar)! We stayed on site one Independence Day as well! I loved it! Did you get the food plan? We did and had every meal at the 18th century taverns ... eating 18th century food. Yummo! There's something so powerful about their fireworks and the evening pipe and drum parade past the magazine. I love the smell of fire and gun powder!

    Embrace you beautiful body. Eat to be healthy and strong. And exercise to be a well-oiled machine. Your body houses your brain and should be pampered! That brain, like mine, is your bread and butter.

    Sending you lots of love and fireworks!

  4. Awww, thanks!

    Hmmm, we'll have to check out the meal plan next year. We make reservations on July 4th as late as possible. This year, it was 7:30 at Christiana Campbell's Tavern. We take our time and then just about the time we're finished and strolling back toward the main part of town, it's time for fireworks. The taverns are so much fun!

    American Visual Culture sounds so fancy! Let me know if you're ever in the Richmond area.