Thursday, September 11, 2014

... an evening with James O'Barr and a screening of The Crow at the Poe Museum...

Tonight I attended “An Evening with James O'Barr” at the Poe Museum. The Poem Museum resides within the Old Stone House, allegedly the oldest residential dwelling in Richmond built in 1740. The event, like the monthly UnHappy Hours, takes place in the garden inspired by Poe's poem "To One in Paradise."

The evening began with O’Barr, graphic artist best known as the creator of The Crow, discussing his book, Brandon Lee, a forthcoming movie remake that will star Luke Evans, and The Crow soundtrack in which he stated that he just so happened to be friends with all of the bands (Henry Rollins, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Violent Femmes, The Jesus and Mary Chain) except for The Cure. That's not a bad group of friends. He was absolutely lovely although it was a bit hard to hear since we were in the garden and the museum is downtown (e.g. city sounds). After his discussion and a signing, there was a screening of The Crow (1994), an outdoor viewing in the garden. Of course, since I bought a print which O’Barr signed, I was stuck holding it carefully in my lap throughout the movie. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine a better place to watch a movie on a warm and humid summer night (85 ºF/ 29 ºC). I just wish I had prepared myself with a little bug spray… or a lot really.
 The garden actually has some lovely rose bushes throughout. I was struck by one particular rose bush which only held a few roses. The other two that were close by had dozens of roses... but there was just something about the color. I am glad that I was sitting rather close to it because it was nice to gaze upon while I was waiting for the film to be set up.



O’Barr is also in town for the Richmond Comic Con 2014 which is this weekend. I actually don’t plan to attend (considering Norman Reedus backed out of attending the event). I have some new furniture being delivered next week and I need to busy myself preparing for the old furniture items to exit my home. But before that, tomorrow is my first Hollywood cemetery tour for my boss. If I *pass*, I’ll receive the green light to officially give tours. Yay! I hope I don’t trip or put my foot in my mouth.. knock on gravestone?  


  1. Oh wow, that is so cool. I always wanted to meet James O'Barr. i did buy some original prints a couple of years ago and one of them was signed. It is hanging in my office with pride :) You are so lucky to have met him. I have the graphic novel and some of the comics. The Crow was one of my first steps into the goth scene as a baby bat!

  2. How cool to meet James O'Barr, definitely a bit jealous! It seems like he was really private and reclusive and I could never find out anything about him except the brief interview on The Crow extras, and then suddenly this year I find there are some new graphic novels and a bio and everything! Crazy!