Monday, September 8, 2014

... Halloween Pyrex just because...

This is my third year collecting Halloween Pyrex. Last year I didn't buy the pumpkin bowl because it just wasn't my taste but I have to say that this year's collection (two bowls) are adorable. They're 4-cup bowls so they're not super big but they work for me. They're great for leftovers and to mix smaller portions of dips or cookies. I think these would be adorable in a craft room too but so far I only use them for food storage.


  1. I totally NEED these. WHERE do you get them?????

    1. I found them at Target but for the life of me couldn't find a web link to these exact Pyrex design. When I googled I found some on eBay from years past but not these current ones. They were in the Halloween section and not with the regular Pyrex.

  2. You are missing the ghost pattern