Saturday, September 20, 2014

...Victorian Coffin Door...

I seriously didn’t plan my previous post to go the way that it did. I had planned to discuss my university’s “Coffin Door” so here's a quick post.   

The architects of the Victorian period included elements some might consider to be a bit quirky. Personally, I love it. The door is at the very front of campus. The building is pictured below. I haven't seen any other doors quite like this... but I can't say that I've looked too hard either. On campus, the students have a legend that any undergraduate who walks through the coffin-door won't graduate. If they can resist the temptation of entering or exiting it, their tradition is to line up and walk through after graduation. Because it's at the front of the university, there really isn't much need to walk through it anyway. It's still a fine tradition though. 


  1. That door is so pretty! And I love how you tell a little piece of local history and traditions on the side. :D

  2. Very unusual shape of the door, I haven't seen any of this kind either before. The students made a fun tradition of this coffin door.

  3. That building is a beautiful castle and I want to live there! Although if it is anything like my castle-y old uni buildings, it will be completely un-airconditioned and boiling in summer!

    Love the coffin door! Bet that'd deter doorknockers if it was a house, ha ha!

  4. I love that door, it is so quirky.

    The red brick of the building reminded me that in Newcastle we have a gorgeous door behind the cathedral which features a vampire rabbit, for no apparent reason. It even has it's own FB page!