Wednesday, August 31, 2016

...oh Bela...

"I have never met a vampire personally,
but I don't know
what might happen tomorrow."
~Bela Lugosi

ApothescaryScents: Perfume Oils Inspired by the Mysterious and Macabre has done it again. Last week, I received Lugosi named after *swoon* Bela Lugosi. Cue the music, kids!

Described as:
Much like Bela Lugosi's intense, memorable personality, rich citrus notes of blood orange wrap around heartnotes of luxurious vanilla and sandalwood. Rounding out this blend are the exotic aromas of clove, ginger, and cardamom.
My fella says that I smell like a cookie. “No!” I yelled. “I smell like the undead!” umm, yeah, you get what I mean. But, I don’t think it smells like cookies at all. He just thinks everything that has a smell connects to cookies because, well, he likes cookies. Anyway!

It’s a completely different than the E.A. Poe (nutmeg, cedar, cassia Root, Virginia tobacco, bergamot) and the Mary Shelley (bergamot, basil, lemon and grapefruit--- I’m still like, really? No rose? It always smells a bit like rose to me) which are my other favorites.


  1. Well I have the original 12" single, it`s a bit 'bat'tered now.

    1. I wouldn't expect anything else from you, sir ;D

  2. I too would've expected roses. I guess the 'blood' in blood grapefruit is enough as a reference for them. :) But I think the main thing is that both you and your fella like the scent, right?