Friday, August 5, 2016

...a born again summer garden...

“Each morning we are born again.
What we do today is what matters most.”
I’ve been a bit down about not having a pumpkin patch this year but it really has allowed me to focus on other plants. I just bought a climber that will hopefully make its way up the lattice the pumpkin patch had use.  

The elephant ears are back. My fella loves them and I admit that they make me laugh. They grow quite well here in Virginia. I have these giants in the backyard; and, we have them in the side yard and front yard as well. One set seems to have resurrected from several years ago since neither one of us planted any bulbs in that location. Typically they act as annuals here but nature is her own judge. 

Similar to the ‘Bela Lugosi’ daylily, I added a ‘Nosferatu’ daylily in the front yard. This variety offers a shorter height, and more oval-shaped petals. My fella mentioned that there was an empty spot. Actually, the empty spot is where one of the Bleeding Hearts lives until about July when it burns up like a crispy critter when the sun begins to hit it. So I added a ‘Nosferatu’ and a ‘Custard Candy' Daylily because my fella likes yellow and they'll look cool beside the Nosferatu Daylily. That is, they looked cool until I knocked off the bloom in the process of planting it. 

I also *filled in* the front yard with another hibiscus, the 'Luna Rose'. 

In total I have five-ish with three hibiscus plants in the front (rose, pink, and red), one red in the side yard, and one (or do I have two) in the backyard.

Here are some of my favorites this summer.


  1. I echo your sentiments, and I do feel a pinch every time I think how I could have grown at least a couple of pumpkins this year... But as you say, it has really given me time to take care of the rest of the garden. And you my dear have enough on your plate already! <3

    1. There is something about watching a pumpkin grow from a seed though. It's one of the most magical transformations my garden has gone through. But hey, this is clearly the year of elephant ears :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! But really, the credit goes to Mother Nature :D

  3. Love the quote by Buddha, too!