Wednesday, August 10, 2016

...a closer look at snapdragons and their little skulls...

 “Flowers grow out of dark moments.”

~Corita Kent

I have been seeing the post about dried out snapdragons looking like skulls for quite some time but never experienced it myself until this weekend. I’m always poking at and pruning my plants and flowers that they hardly have any time to transform without me noticing. Of course, when I clipped off the old flowers, I lost my chance to see the magical little pods.  

Ancient cultures believed that snapdragons possessed supernatural powers and forms of protection. A gardener could protect herself from curses and deceit if she simply grew some snapdragons in her garden. I haven’t eaten any of my flowers but some believe that if you eat snapdragons one’s beauty and youthfulness will be restored.  Today their seeds make cooking oil that is sold as a herbal remedy to reduce swellings.

Of course cultures vary so some interpret snapdragons as a sign of grace and strength (since they can tolerate poor growing conditions), and they have been known to symbolize deviousness. Supposedly concealing a snapdragon about the body makes a person appear gracious and fascinating. I would just wonder why you’re hiding a snapdragon from me.


In Victorian times, a snapdragon along with a hyacinth meant that you were sorry for making a mistake.
According to some European folklore, if one was cursed by some kind of black magic, stepping on a snapdragon would break the spell. That would be a shame since you would also destroy the delicate little flower.


  1. I had no idea that there were so many superstitions associated with snapdragons!

    1. Nor did I!

      Hmmm, they symbolize deviousness. Is that why you wanted to add a few to your garden ;P

  2. Wow, really interesting lore!