Wednesday, March 2, 2016

...local smells & a thank you to a thank you...

Nearly a month ago I posted a review of Apothescary Scents Literary Classics sampler which includes five 1.2 ml glass vials.

The sampler includes the E.A. Poe (nutmeg, cedar, cassia Root, Virginia tobacco, bergamot) perfume, which I noted that I absolutely LOVED. I'm nearly out of that sampler so I'm super happy to report that Beth from Apothescary sent me a little thank you gift. Awww, thanks so much! 

Now that I'm revisiting the Etsy site, I'm glad to report even more choices such as single versions of the E.A. Poe perfume for only $3.95

There is also a Crossroads collection: 

With mournful melodies, haunting voices, and common themes of supernatural woes and lost love, the beginnings of Mississippi Delta Blues have embraced all things macabre. The DELTA BLUES Perfume Collection pays tribute to these spooky Southern sounds by evoking elements of the folklore, the songwriters, and the atmosphere that made the genre legendary.

One of the best known of the early Delta Blues musicians was Robert Johnson. Robert grew up poor and worked hard labor until he mysteriously disappeared for a year. Upon his return, friends and family claim that the man who before had been a simple and hardworking man suddenly had the ability to play a guitar the likes of which they'd never heard.

Some claimed that the only way Robert was able to attain such skill was by making a deal with the Devil himself.
According to legend, Robert met the Devil at a crossroads and bargained his soul in exchange for musical talent. When Robert died at the height of his career (at the young age of 27) it was simply accepted that the Devil had come to collect.
CROSSROADS Perfume Oil awakens a ghostly image of that fateful meeting between Robert Johnson and Old Scratch. Darkest patchouli parts the veil between worlds as a balance of clean cedar, rich amber, and dry brimstone anchor the fragrance to the earthly plane. A touch of peppery clove tops the blend and adds the steamy warmth of a Mississippi night.
CROSSROADS is a mysterious, sexy blend that is alluring on both men and women.

I'm sorry to cite so much from her page but I think she has the best descriptions. 

You may even want to check out the Cornbread & Honey perfume. How Southern is that?!? ;D I won't add the description for that one because it's making me hungry. 

Happy Scenting! 

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