Thursday, August 11, 2016

...strange women in linen...

“It is strange
how one feels drawn forward
without knowing
at first where one is going.”
~Gustav Mahler

My asymmetrical, linen, wrap, maxi skirt from WHBM arrived and I love it (aside from the fact that it is linen and will wrinkle within five minutes because that is what linen does)!

I’m 5'4 1/2" tall. You can always tell when someone isn’t very tall when she adds that half inch :D Seriously, it’s that height where I can go between a regular and a petite. I went with the petite skirt which 38.5” at the center of the back. That was a good call considering even in heels the skirt nearly touches the ground.

I paired the skirt with my Strange Women Society t-shirt for an easy, cool summer look.

And, just to make the outfit a little extra cool, $1 from every SWS purchase goes directly to a woman-centric organization.

I did some random posing to try to show off the “cascading ruffle accents.” This skirt makes me feel playful since it's like a cape for your butt. It's comfortable and airy. The top of the skirt has buttons so you don't have to 100% rely on the wrap-around belt.


  1. "Cape for your butt" ... hehehehe ... HAHAHAHAHA ... Oh Sharon. Sigh.


  2. Love the skirt very flowy and an interesting design.

    1. Thanks! Me too. It makes me want to spin around which as you can imagine isn't a good thing for Meniere's :-O

  3. I have trouble with things being too long, too! You look great!

    1. Thanks Laura. You may not be able to see them but those shoes are four inches with the platform!

  4. That is really cute! Looks fabulous on you <3