Thursday, October 1, 2015

... the sweetest candy corn, sparkling bats, and Joaquin...

Aprils have never meant much to me,
autumns seem that season of beginning,
spring.... I thought of the future,
and spoke of the past.
~Truman Capote

It’s October 1st and I would love to say that the feel of Autumn is in the air but the cooler weather is just the start of Hurricane Joaquin who if you look at the predicted path pictured below (compliments of the Weather Channel), you’ll notice that I live right under the word AWARE! So on the first day of October wearing Docs to work was more of an inclement weather issue than a whohoo!-It’s-fall-y’all…because it is not fall-like in Virginia.

This weekend I’ll be strapping down patio furniture and securing the pumpkin patch just to be safe. I live inland so we should be alright. Downed trees and power loss will be the main concerns around here, although I'm especially considering the commute.

Yet, October 1st also brings some goodies including my box of freebies compliments of Sur la Table. I ordered the Candy Corn! I had to; it was what started the whole thing! But, it is probably the best damn candy corn that I’ve ever eaten…. wonderful buttery taste with just the right amount of sweetness.

One thing that I can't forgo during the season is Heidi Daus’ Halloween collection. This year I sprung for two of her fabulous batty pieces! The "Going Batty" Beaded Crystal and Enamel Bib Drop Necklace and the "Batty For You" Crystal Pin. Her Halloween collection sells out immediately. I was lucky enough to buy the pin with only ten left in stock; and, I squeaked into the waitlist for the necklace but BOTH arrived today. I can’t wait to wear them ^o^

The Halloween shopping season is nearing its end… only one more shop I’m waiting for and that will be Harveys Seatbelt Bags. Their special Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Couture release is this Saturday in stores with items being available online on Monday… if they have anything left. No idea what they’ll have but I’ll have to be quick. The last time Harveys had new Halloween items I ended up buying my bag from a retail shop since the online store sold out within the hour. 

But just because my holiday spending spree is coming to a close, the season is just beginning. Today at work I delivered treat bags to my colleagues and sent out the Secret Pumpkin Pal Gift Exchange instructions for our faculty and majors to join in. The English Department goes crazy over our Halloween parties and last month my peers were already starting to discuss their costumes. This year will be fun! 

Happy October 1st and Happy (30 Days Until) Halloween!  


  1. UGH! We're in the threat zone too. Blah. Thank Goddess we went apple picking last weekend because we wouldn't have been able to this weekend. Ah well. It's good weather for a book and candy corn. :D

    Whoa, that bat necklace is AWESOME! Might have to check out her stuff. Thanks for the link.

  2. What a huge and wonderful pile of freebies! Best customer service ever! And that necklace is amazing!

    Stay safe!

  3. What a gorgeous necklace!

    "Secret Pumpkin Pal" sounds way better than "Secret Santa". I'll have to remember that :)

  4. Oh wow, the necklace looks amazing! I adore the matching chandelier earings! But as you said - everything sold out already...

  5. That is the best bat necklace on the planet!