Saturday, September 26, 2015

... *THIS* is Halloween/ The Center of the Universe all dressed up...

“To work magic 
is to weave the unseen forces into form; 
to soar beyond sight;

to explore the uncharted dream realm 
of the hidden reality”
This morning I went out walking in the rain. It wasn’t supposed to rain until this afternoon but by 8AM, it had already started. But, I don’t mind the rain. I wanted to see the amazing corn stalks that were placed in downtown Ashland aka The Center of the Universe this week.

 BORROWED this picture from his Facebook Page! :-O
Local artist and the man I have come to consider our local Pumpkin King, Arthur Brill, had a vision of transforming the town into the kind of town that I want to live in. He wanted to decorate the town of Ashland for Halloween. Not only that, he wanted to involve the entire town, businesses and townspeople, in a Spooktacular Event. And it has begun! 

He worked with some locals to convince town officials and Virginia Power to allow the poles and lampposts in town to be decorated. Working with a Lloyd Family Farms, a local farm who is doing a haunted corn maze this Halloween season, he collected corn stalks and put them up in town this week. A few of the businesses have already started decorating the cornstalks making them their very own.
More and more town stores are creating window displays and the town really feels like it’s transforming into Halloween-Town!

Tonight my fella and I will be going to see the Bowman Body at the Ashland Theater.  

In a few weeks I’ll have my group of vampires together to participate in a "Monster Walk" which will also include a Haunted Car Show.  

I’ve even convinced my fella to participate with me in the Harvest Run and Pumpkin Walk later in the month.

There are just so many exciting things happening for a spooky girl who lives in the Center of the Universe!


  1. Woweeee! Sounds amazing! Can't believe your whole town is on board that's just so much fun!

  2. I love when towns get together and do this! Salem, MA has been doing this for years, but they need to: they've become a crazy Halloween tourist site! When we lived there I loved the last week of September, just before the madness, when everything was decorated. It was glorious! :D

  3. Your pumpkin king is nearly as cool as Jack Skellington!