Saturday, October 31, 2015

...Halloween morn...

Our pumpkin babies all grown up

On Hallowe'en the thing
you must do
Is pretend that nothing
can frighten you
An' if somethin' scares you
and you want to run
Jus' let on like
it's Hallowe'en fun.
~ from an Early Nineteenth Century Halloween Postcard

Halloween didn’t exactly start off like I wanted it to. I wanted to wake up with Magic dancing all around. I wanted to wake up in Halloweentown; and, I wanted to have a fun, fun day BUT I am an adult who must do adult things… so when the morning started off with a leaky toilet, my fella and I were off to Home Depot.

First, he made coffee. While I was sitting waiting for him to get ready I used the last tissue in our Halloween Kleenex box and the Halloween candy burned itself out. Really? Halloween had just started and I was already grouchy.

the good donuts :p
decorated tree at Dunkin Donuts
My fella said that we should stop at Dunkin Donuts for a *fun Halloween breakfast*. Can you believe that I even spit out the pumpkin cake donut? It tasted horribly chemical and I refuse to eat anything that is gross. Fortunately the pumpkin pie donut was much better… and it had toffee crumbles on top so I’m sure that it was the breakfast of Halloween champions :-/


When we arrived at Home Depot, we noticed nearly 100 pumpkins available for sale. What happens to the unwanted, left-over ones? I asked one of the associates who said that unfortunately they’re “thrown out.” She seemed a bit sad about this as well; after all, she isn’t making the decisions for the company. She then asked if I wanted to take home a few for free which was super nice; I explained that if I took one I would only feel guilty about the others that I didn’t take. Later when I arrived home, I did a little research and learned that the landfill isn’t the only place for the left-behind pumpkins. Some retailers return the pumpkins back to the farms from where they originally came and farmers plow them into the land to add extra nutrients to the soil. Left-behind pumpkins are sometimes fed to livestock.

a new pumpkin with an air plant
This year my fella and I didn’t buy any pumpkins. We cut our fourth pumpkin from the vine this morning so that he, too, could be a Halloween pumpkin. He ended up being the second largest of the group and when we were removing him from the vine I noticed that he had been attached to two healthy vines. No wonder the little guy grew so big so fast!  

grocery store flowers
We got our groceries and ran some other errands which made me completely fussy because TODAY IS HALLOWEEN DAMN IT! But, as my fella reminded me, today is Saturday and that means it is errand day so that Sundays can be more relaxing. One of the reasons our relationship works is because one of us always has to be the adult when the other one is busy being a baby. Today, I’ve been the baby and he’s held my hand and cheered me through all the tasks.   
And now we’re finished with the grocery-shopping, recycling (yes, in our state we have to drive our recycling to the center), home repair, laundry, and dishes. House of Wax with Vincent Price is on in the background; the new Halloween candle is lit; and I’m chomping on candy as I write this post. My Harveys Nightmare Before Christmas bag even arrived late last night which was before the estimated date of arrival! In a few hours, my fella and I will don some masks and make our way to Ashland Coffee & Tea for a Spooktacular Halloween show.  
Harveys Nightmare Before Christmas Bats Crossbody bag


  1. Happy Halloween! Hope you had a great time at the show!

    There's a farm not far from here that gets leftover pumpkins for the goats and sheep. The goats insist on standing atop the pumpkins; it's hilarious. :D

    1. You should take pictures! That's hysterical :)

  2. I feel you! My man woke me up early yesterday by coughing horribly and crashing about the bathroom with the door open. Then he proceeded to checking his email on his phone right next to my face. I was absolutely livid. We had to start over a few hours later when we had both caught some more zzz....
    But it only got better from thereon out! :)

  3. It is sad that they throw out the pumpkins! I HATE food waste!

    So annoying to have toilet problems AND bad donuts! I hate when flavouring just tastes like chemicals! Hugs!