Thursday, October 29, 2015

...vampire-inspired Thursday...

 The strength of the vampire
is that people will not believe in him.
~ Van Helsing in Dracula (1931)

I believe! I believe!

It’s a very Vampire Thursday! Tomorrow is the English Department Halloween party. While we do not have a strict dress code, we advertise that participants should dress as their favorite literary character. Well, I’m not exactly participating in that and have had to stretch my imagination a bit to come up with a quasi-literary character. I’ll share that tomorrow though.

Today I decided to have some fun with my wardrobe while giving some vampire love. Speaking of which, Starbucks is even showing a little vampire love with their Halloween drink. It was cloyingly sweet and I tossed half of it. Aside from junk candy, I’m not a big dessert/ sweets kind of girl. Honestly, I think it was partly that the Starbucks workers weren’t sure how to say Frappula (umm, Dracula?!?) and they didn’t add the raspberry blood at the top. Hmph.

It’s a very Dress Barn kind of day. The jacket and the dress are from them. The shoes are Docs and the sucks (and by that, I mean SOCKS! Thanks to Prof. Z for noting my typo but I'm leaving it because it is funny!) are some vampire fangs. I can’t recall where I bought them. They’re not my only pair of vampire socks (and this was actually a necessity since it’s been so rainy here the last few days. Docs equals better parking spot because I don’t mind the mud!) I’m wearing my Nosferatu Hand Pewter Belt Buckle by Alchemy Gothic Jewelry. I have my Transylvania Manicure necklace collection by Kay Adams. When my hair is up, I’m using the Heidi Daus  "Entangled Elegance" Spider-Designed Crystal Hair Comb.

 Happy Vampireen!


  1. You look wonderful! I was going to say adorable but I was worried you'd be offended. Vampires aren't supposed to be adorable, I don't think. ;)

    I actually looked for that Frappula at Starbucks when I was in the city the other day - I was going to give it a try! Sadly, yet again, Canada doesn't seem to be on the bandwagon. Sigh. I'm excited to see your costume! :)

    1. Vampires can be all things :p Adorable or wonderful! Thank you :)

      Yeah, come on Canada! Get with the Halloween-program!

  2. hehehehe ... you look MAHHHHH-VALOUS! Did you catch your Vampire-Freudian mistake? Instead of socks, you wrote sucks. BLAH! BLAH! I vant to suck your socks! BLAH!


    1. Ha ha ha ha NICE! I added a little note but didn't correct it. It's too golden :D

    2. Hehehe ... I'm glad you didn't correct it. It had me laughing up a storm this morning. I made Ed read it aloud and he just about died. You have Vampires on the brain. Ha! :-)

  3. You look great! Glad I didn't get the latte then! I remember James Marsters saying the fake blood syrup in Buffy was so sickly sweet, everyone hated it and was begging for real blood!

  4. Aah, I want a Frappula Frappucino!

    I love your outfit :)