Tuesday, October 6, 2015

...Jack-o-lantern of the season from a Spooktacular local store...

We placed the new metal Jack-o-lantern from the local Home Energy Store on our front stoop along with my fella's sunshine pot. This is the medium sized Jack!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of their store window.

You can buy heirloom pumpkins as well as some spooky yard art. In the store window, there are some decorative gourds as well. They were even better in person.

One item that I might have to go back for is their spider stands which hold pumpkins and their garden globes that they sell. 

I just love that you can pick up a rainwater collection system at the same time one can shop for Halloween decor.


  1. That's pretty cool. I like your door step decor.

  2. Omg, your front door is beautiful!

  3. You have a very beautiful front stoop! I thought I was the only person who called it that. :)

    And thanks for picking me for that Hallowe'en tag again. I think it might have been the kick in the pants I needed to start writing again. I hope.

  4. Hmph, I replied to your comment earlier but it didn't go through!

    I grew up in a house with a stoop.... Not quite a porch :)

    I'm glad it was helpful and not a hindrance!