Wednesday, October 21, 2015

... new Halloweeny beads from Trollbeads SWOON!...

I thought the season was going to pass without Trollbeads coming out with any new Halloween beads for me to add to my bracelet.  But, I was wrong! Yippee! Last week, I ordered two new beads which arrived just in time for last weekend’s Halloweeny wedding. I purchased the Wicked Web Bead and the Trick or Treat Bead.

Spooky Girls, if you’re in the market for a new bracelet, might I suggest Trollbeads! I discovered Trollbeads by accident. One of my friends was really (is really) into Pandora bracelets. She convinced me to buy one (I did… I’m more than slightly addicted to jewelry) but the beads never seemed to be ME. There are only a few Halloween beads and the ones that they have, I have. Pandora’s motto is to tell your story through beads. I can’t! Similarly, from their website it reads “Let your Trollbeads tell the best or most meaningful stories of your life!” That I can do with their collection.  

P.S. I think having a glow in the dark bead is pretty awesome! Just sayin' ;D


  1. Wow! I am not usually a fan, but when they are Halloweeney... good thing I have no money!