Thursday, November 20, 2014

...shiny things, crows, and (literally) cold feet...

sometimes I look like Mr. T

The last few days have been terribly cold. One minute I’m wearing open-toe shoes and the next, I need layers or socks! The leaves from the trees in the back of my house have fallen and with that is the time of year where I can gaze up and see the crows. I can actually hear them as I write. While some consider them a nuisance, I love them! They make strange sounds; and, they’re fun to watch because they’re amazingly curious birds.
I’ve been thinking about crows because of the myth that they collect shiny things. They don’t really… or no more than any other bird. They’re just inquisitive. Even with it being a myth, I’ve always muttered that I am quite like a crow attracted to shiny things. This has come up recently because while going out to eat at a restaurant last week, a woman held me practically captive in the restroom commenting on my jewelry. “Oh my god, I love it! It’s so different”… whatever that second sentence means. She kept asking about where I “got my bling” which would normally have me step up on my soapbox because I think “bling” is my least favorite word ever. In fact, I cringe. See, this is the makings of a soapbox rant…. Moving along….

I tend to layer necklaces and bracelets so when someone asks me for a history, I have to name each item one by one. I’m actually lucky because I discovered a local jewelry magician who takes old unwanted pieces and transforms them into brilliant *new* pieces. The good/bad part of this is that once she knows your taste and understands you, she’ll make pieces accordingly.
Origami Owl LEFT/ Coffin pendant from Trystan's Virtual Garage Sale 
Pandora TOP/ Trollbeads BOTTOM
I also get drawn in to jewelry parties (e.g. Origami Owl) and am gifted items (e.g. Pandora beads) that I feel like I have to follow up on for whatever reason. I know my taste and can usually transform items into my own or at least find the ones that work. One LOVELOVELOVE lately has been my Trollbeads bracelet. Oy! Their Halloween makes me want to die with a loud happy gwee! Or maybe I should just sigh “Kaw Kaw”. But there’s that myth again…


  1. Oh dear, if I knew a jewellery maker who made things like that I would be SOOO broke!

  2. Yep. I have to avoid her sometimes :-O