Friday, September 25, 2015

... a great pumpkin and a cute vampire in Target...

This time of year I really just want to go into stores to *be* with the Halloween products. I had to write that I have no place in my life for Halloween Airblown Pumpkin Scarecrow. We just don't have the yard and I'm pretty sure our Homeowners Association would give me more than the stink eye for having this guy.

The Halloween Lil Sisal Vampire is much more my size but I feel like he would be better for a covered porch instead of sitting out in the elements.

Ah, alas, one day I will have a great yard with insane yard art. Until then, I will walk among the products and dream ;)


  1. That Lil Sisal Vampire is so you! :D Its dress/cloak looks like it is made of stars and universe, so beautiful!

  2. I like the pumpkin a LOT! I have an inflatable, animated spider that decorates the porch roof most years at Halloween.