Tuesday, September 22, 2015

... Holy Batty Moly! Bath & Body Works has a second version of the new bat hand sanitizer holders!...

Ghost, New Bat, Newer Bat hand sanitizers
In August, I purchased the new bat hand-sanitizer holder along with some Vampire Blood because it is the best scent ever! This weekend right before venturing into Sur La Table, I did some damage in Bath & Body Works and discovered that there is actually a SECOND NEW version of the bat hand-sanitizer holder which comes with a gift set. This one doesn’t light up which doesn’t affect me either way. 

He does happen to have longer and more pointed ears which completely makes me GWEEEE!

So here’s a look at some of the products. We’re sort of candle-over-kill at my house right now but my fella even lights candles and he picked up the sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle along with the Jack-O-Lantern candle holder because he liked the big mouth and said that I needed to buy these for our home :D Well, he didn’t need to ask me twice.
I’m usually not a ghosty girl but I really like that the Bath & Body Works ghosts have fangs… because y’all know I love me so vampires!

I even bought a plug in which I normally don’t use but I liked the juxtaposition of the bat (Me), the owl (so my fella) and the cat (my step-daughter!). It’s like our little family although this little house is much cooler :p 


  1. I think I may have to make a trip to the mall for the plug in.

  2. Those are lovely! I wish they were available in Germany...

  3. The plug in is so cute, I would have bought it, too!

  4. So many cute things. <3 I am almost drooling here. :D