Wednesday, September 2, 2015

... Origami Owl Halloween Collection...
Origami Owl has come out with their Halloween collection. If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s basically a charm locket where you can add tiny charms. I bought one last year at a friend’s party. I actually end up wearing it on my lapel using their bridal collection broach and like it much better than wearing the pendant as a necklace… probably because I wear lots of necklaces and it gets lost. The only charm that isn’t an official Origami Owl is the bat but I had  to have a bat so I found one on Etsy that works with the line. Read that Origami Owl! You should have a bat charm! 

Here are a few of my previous posts with a close up on my pendant. Here and here and here. I don't think that I'll actually be adding  to this pendant because I'm pretty happy with what I have already.


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    1. Each locket is supposed to tell a story. When I went to the party and ordered my locket and charms last year, the sales person asked what my story was. I was like, "um, I, myself, am strange and unusual." :p