Sunday, September 20, 2015

...morning post update: Sur La Table righting the wrong...

I had to draw a smiley face with chalk!
I just want to give readers a quick update after my morning's post about my unfortunate experience at Sur La Table. After two follow-up messages, it has become clear that this was a complete fluke and not how the company does business. If you read my post earlier, I added two follow-up messages at the bottom.

For a company to follow up on a weekend is impressive... for a manager to follow up on a Sunday night after 5pm... well, that's warrants its very own blog post.

I'm proud to raise my Spider Mug to Sur La Table! A Big Thank You for excellent follow through and real customer service!


  1. That is good to hear. I wrote quite an impassioned response earlier to the post but the computer deleted it when I tried to post it. I am glad that they care that much about their customers!

  2. Customer service is an art ... one that, all too often, is undervalued and overlooked. The management at SLT obviously gets it. Your experience has led to improvement for everyone. Way to go, Sharon!

    BTW, I love the spider with his little smile.