Saturday, April 15, 2017

...WWGGD (What would a Goth Girl Do) Participate in Baskets & Caskets...

A-tisket a-tasket
A pink but gothy basket
I wrote a letter to my friends
And on the way I posted it…
~ Goth Gardener

I came downstairs only to find that Clive, our werewolf, and Unicorn, our, err, unicorn, were peeping inside the F. A. Whitney Carriage. Turns out that the Gothy Easter basket was inside! Hmm. Now how did that get there?

There were no signs of bunny fluff but I’m sure there’s an interesting story to tell. Push back your own figurative stone and let me see what’s inside your tomb. Resurrect that Gothy masterpiece! Don’t leave a goth girl hangin’ (especially since I’m going to have to say a zillion Hail Marys for this entire contest. So make it worth it!) 
Not sure what to do?!? See post it -->

For your chance to win a Goth Gardener Easter Basket, create a post of your perfect Goth Easter Basket—one you would give to yourself or one you would give to a friend. OR, write a blog post about how to celebrate the Most Perfect Goth Easter! OR, write a scary Easter story. The more creative/ weird, the better! 

Have your posts up by April 16th and in the comments of THIS post, add your blog post URL for a chance to win!  


  1. I love how Clive and your Unicorn snook down in the middle of the night. I have problems with Cookie Monster raiding the cookie jar during the night .lol

  2. I guess I was a little confused, heh-- so I guess to be safe I shall link again as per the rules and emphasis XD

    Clive has a sneaky grin. I like Clive lol
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter ;)

  3. I love your werewolf, unicorn and pram! Such a lively house!