Thursday, April 27, 2017

...wild and precious life...

Tell me,
what is it
you plan to do
with your one
wild and precious life?
~Mary Oliver

I plan to stay wild like my plants. I will not cut back when I'm blooming or stretching over the fence in a way that displeases others. 

In late April, my garden begins to look magical. I want to be magical! The Scotch broom just exploded with blooms and pretty much sets the stage for backyard. It encourages me to clean up so today I cut the grass and weed a bit (but only to the point that the dandelions don't crowd the other flowers because crowding others isn't nice. I will work on that).

Very soon, I will see the first bloom on the bearded Iris “Superstition,” I’m waiting impatiently!(as in, I'm pretty much taking pictures of them twice a day!) I will try to keep growing steadily as they do. I will try not to appear psycho in pictures when I'm a little too excited. But like my garden, I am a work in progress.


  1. Ooh, everything looks amazing I love it. I put my hand to growing plants and their growing lol. My front garden comming into bloom. I leaving it looks lovely.