Saturday, April 29, 2017

...this really is a post about a lawnmower...

As long as you live,
keep learning
how to live. 
~Latin Proverb
I keep a secret garden in my wee backyard.  Oh, it is very tiny even for a townhouse. I weedwack my own backyard so the landscapers don't kill my flowers or destroy my siding, which they’ve done in the past. I have had my weedwacker since 1998. It cost $15 and while it still works, it doesn't work well; and, I’m really tired of dealing with the cord.

I found this Black & Decker Cordless Compact Mower and I'm about to die of happiness!!! For starters, it looks like a tiny lawn mower but it’s a weedwacker in disguise!

Set up was pretty simple. I had a bit of a hard time snapping one of the parts into place but finally did. It comes with two batteries; neither lasted more than ten minutes each but that was plenty of time for me to cut the grass. The first battery is charging now and it is supposed to take four hours to charge.

There was no electrical cord to get caught on lawn furniture; I didn’t hurt my shoulder slinging the weedwacker and heavy cord around. It did the job and I’m happy. Plus, I think it is pretty cute!

As you can see, the compact mower actually comes apart with one push on a lever so it will fit in my tiny storage shed along with my tabletop grill and other gardening items.


  1. That's awesome! I bought a cordless trimmer last year... it gives such a sense of freedom. :)

  2. Sometimes I wish we had a small yard to maintain. I live on 1.5 acres (and we help maintain the elderly neighbor's equally large yard), so just mowing is an all day event that we actually plan for and block out. We just bought a new "lawn tractor" (such a silly name for riding lawn mower) and it works like a dream. I love having the space, but I do wish that care was a little easier.

  3. This is a vey popular bit of kit, and you've once again proven why. Black and Decker must have a pretty watertight patent on this idea as I've yet to see another manufacturer come up with a similar strimmer/mower hybrid. I suspect once time elapses on said patent the market will be flooded with them!