Sunday, March 26, 2017

...Baskets & Caskets!, a contest...

On Easter Day
the veil between time and eternity
thins to gossamer.
~ Douglas Horton

Holy moly! It’s been years since Goth Gardening had a contest. I’m shocked because the Shovel Contest wasn’t weird at all; and, then I even had three prizes for the Gift Giving contest (and CryptKicker never even claimed his prize so if he still reads this blog, I have had your box ready to ship for almost three years now. No pressure, send me your address when you’re ready.)

I’ve been thinking about gifts lately because this weekend, I finally celebrated my birthday after being sick for a little over a month. I’m gradually regaining my strength just in time for the second half of the semester and spring!

Soon, it will be Easter and despite the story of a god coming back from the dead like a spiritual zombie (no offense to anyone but it has always been pretty creepy), and all the confusion over the bunnies, eggs, and chickens relating to dead-resurrected Jesus, I mean the Catholic Church wouldn’t have thought to steal anyone else’s religious symbols, right?!? (sarcasm alert), I’ve never been a big fan of Easter. That makes me sad because I love HOLIDAYS! And, hello, DEAD RESURRECTING GOD!

Maybe it’s all the pastel colors or maybe it was that Easter Egg Contest in kindergarten when I found a golden egg but it turns out it was for the first graders because some teacher hid the egg too close to the fence and a kindergartener found it and didn’t receive a prize. It’s not like I’m holding a grudge. Or, maybe it’s because people don’t dress up in costumes for Easter. They should. Those creepy Easter Bunny pictures make me smile!

I’ve also been thinking about how now that I am an adult I don’t receive an Easter basket. My mother used to make ***Oops, sorry sorry sorry*** I meant, the Easter Bunny used to bring me the most amazing baskets. As a kid, I received some candy but typically my baskets were filled with amazing small presents that were always perfect because my mother, err, the Easter Bunny always gives good presents. But, alas, now I don’t get one. I even make a basket for my fella! But then I enjoy doing it and the thought of putting together an Easter basket for me would stress him out.

All of this has led to a Goth Gardening Contest called Baskets & Caskets!

For your chance to win a Goth Gardener Easter Basket of the most Goth-ily Amazing Treats, create a post of your perfect Goth Easter Basket—one you would give to yourself or one you would give to a friend. OR, write a blog post about how to celebrate the Most Perfect Goth Easter! OR, write a scary Easter story because there aren’t many of those. The more creative (and by that, I mean weird), the better! 

Have your posts up by April 16th because that morning as the sun and Jesus rise from the dead (wow, this post is especially tacky tonight) I will publish my own post sharing the Baskets & Caskets! basket that you could win. In the comments, add your blog post URL for a chance to win.  

Can’t stand the anticipation?!? I will be sharing posts with sneak peeks of what will be included in the basket.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! ^_^ In Finland, we have an Easter tradition in which kids do dress up as bunnies and other things. This post just inspired me to write about it! :D

  2. Sounds interesting, normally my Mam dressed me and my sister in matching Easter dresses and bonnets. Occasionally, we used to attend Catholic mass. My favourite used to making egg themed dioramas and decorating Easter bonnets. lol. I wish, I had the photos.

  3. Ohmigod, when the sun and Jesus rise from the dead. I'm howling with laughter!