Sunday, April 9, 2017

...Baskets & Caskets- you really should enter this contest...

Something Wicked-Bunny This Way Comes
~ Goth Gardener

This time of year there is always something new popping up in the garden. But, this morning there was a strange sound out in the garden. When I went out to see what it was (exactly what you’re not supposed to do in a horror movie), I saw a flash of black and white fur; I could have sworn that I saw a fluff of bunny tail.

I have been planning our department’s Bunnicula party and maybe it’s starting to get to me. However, across the yard near the shaded area, I came across a basket filled with treats. A fluffy bat, spider dental floss, black eggs, and more! Hmmm.

For your chance to win a Goth Gardener Easter Basket, create a post of your perfect Goth Easter Basket—one you would give to yourself or one you would give to a friend. OR, write a blog post about how to celebrate the Most Perfect Goth Easter! OR, write a scary Easter story. The more creative/ weird, the better! 

Have your posts up by April 16th and in the comments of my post, add your blog post URL.  


  1. What a wonderful looking basket of goodies!
    The participation of this contest is resurrecting my desire to blog, hehe.

    1. I hope so! I'm afraid no one will and I'll have to keep the basket for myself... wait, that isn't a bad plan either ;D

    2. Not a bad plan indeed, and totally understandable heheh!
      But in case you don't, I am already close to finishing my submission =P


      Here it is! Here it is! Did I make it?! >.<
      I'm sorry I've cut it so close!

    4. Yay! Your post is amazing and OhMyGoth that dress!

  2. Happy Easter! :) I made a blog post inspired by this competition, here it is: