Sunday, April 30, 2017

...'Superstition', books, spiders, and Walpurgis Night...

“The world is full
of magic things,
patiently waiting
for our senses
to grow sharper.”
~ W.B. Yeats

Today, the RVA Horror Book Club met at a local winery to discuss Poe’s short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” for their five year club anniversary. The RED VEIN ARMY will host their SPRING-O-WEEN, a Halfway to Halloween celebration next week, a week later than Walpurgisnacht due to one of their members getting married yesterday. I love having another reason to dress up.  

Stephen Wagner writes,

There's a penetrating chill in the wind. The bright moon rises behind the shivering, nearly naked trees. A profound sense of foreboding permeates the darkness. This is the night, after all, when witches ride their broomsticks through the sky, and the natural world is forced to confront the powers of the supernatural. No, it isn't October 31 and this is not Halloween. It's April 30 and it's Walpurgis Night.

In Virginia, yesterday and today hit 90. With humidity like a blanket, and our AC deciding that today was the day to quit, I’m hoping for that chill in the wind. We just opened our windows. Probably ill-advised on such a night but right now we are forced to confront the natural world.

My limited knowledge of Walpurgis Night comes from Bram Stoker, explicitly from his short story, “Dracula’s Guest,” which is often believed to be the original and removed first chapter of Dracula. There are several supernatural occurrences in the short story but no witches…a vampire but no witches.

What do I know about witches? They bring forth magic. What else brings forth magic? Nature. Ahh, I can connect to that.

Here are the new blooms in the garden today. The Bearded Iris “Superstition” doubled its blooms in just one day; and, the peony I have been watching and watching and watching. She stretched out her petals and reached towards the sun. She is gorgeous.

There is a bird’s nest in a bush. And, today I found the most perfect web.

Magic indeed.


  1. Some lovely flowers growing. I attempting to grow wall flowers and marigold into my little garden at some this month. It's first time growing from seeds but their thriving, I am hoping for some nice blooms this year.

    Your garden is looking good.

  2. Awesome web! That was one busy spider! Irises are so pretty. :)

  3. <3 the garden! I've read the Dracula's Guest short story, it's good but it does ruin the flow of the story if it was read as part of it so it's better as a stand alone

  4. How beautiful! My peonies and iris are probably 2 weeks behind yours here in Iowa, with the buds still tightly closed. I can't wait to see them open!
    Your Horror Book Club sounds great. To my knowledge there isn't one nearby, but I could start one, right? I'd have liked to hear you discuss The Cask of Amontillado, which is my favorite of all Poe's works. Hope you're having a wonderful spring!

  5. Mine plants are 2 weeks behind too. I have planted Black iris too. I think one of them might be called Superstition but I really don't remember. The other one comes up Royal Blue? I buy every so called Black flower I can find and they mostly disappoint but I will keep trying.