Saturday, June 3, 2017

...cemeteries, funeral homes, nails, conferences, and being...

You must live in the present,
launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.
Fools stand on their island of opportunities
and look toward another land.
There is no other land;
there is no other life but this.

~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas

What happened to May? It’s always a busy month for me but in addition to the end of the semester madness and commencement, I have been chairing our department’s search committee for our next faculty member, and I agreed to teach our first session of summer school (9-1 M-F for three weeks). AND, there was the Hollywood Cemetery Annual Picnic, the Red Vein Army’s Spring-o-ween, developing and giving the Hollywood Cemetery Rose Tour for the Heritage Rose Foundation conference, and the World Dracula Day Symposium in Texas. AND, replacing our central AC system and food poisoning. Oh, and a new computer since my old one died right at the beginning of summer school.

May was hectic but I did so many fun things (minus the food poisoning and those last few expensive purchases that had to be made) that I found myself whispering. “Be in the moment.”

Sayers and Scoville hearse model 390 circa 1900 and the second formal hearse to be used by J.F. Foust Sr. located in Grapevine Texas at a funerary artifacts exhibit
For me, especially, that is easier said than done. In therapy, I learned that I was a “do-er” and not a “be-er.” There are so many fun things to do and I also have a problem saying “No” to others. I’m working on that; I will always be working on that. My fella also teases me that “everything is a blog post” because blogging is therapeutic but it does require time.  

For about a week before World Dracula Day Symposium, all I wanted to do was have my nails painted for the event; but, I couldn’t seem to make it happen. There just wasn’t any time. My plans for the symposium was to arrive early and check out some local cemeteries (because apparently teaching a cemetery course with four cemeteries in three weeks has not been enough for me!) When I landed in Dallas, I picked up my rental car and to go check out some cemeteries on my list. Instead, I called The Gaylord to see if their spa had an availability. They had an appointment within twenty minutes if I could make it in time; I could and I did. After having a manicure and pedicure, and spending 40 additional minutes in a place called the slumber room, I finally left to go check into my hotel. It was completely worth it. My nails looked great; I felt great. I still was able to see some cemeteries before I left Texas but I also took some time to just *be*.

My cemetery course has been considering secondary land uses for cemeteries; this funeral home is already on top of that!
I have tons to share but I am still processing the whirlwind of the last month. For now, this is just a little glimpse into my world. I still have some grading to do before Monday; and then, of course, I have a chapter to revise and a presentation at the end of the month to prepare for but I won’t be commuting and I’ll officially be on vacation (which still means there is work to do but that I can do it in shorts 😝).


  1. Wow, it sounds like a very busy whirl wind of a time. I've had a couple of months where I wanted to blog about everything but couldn't find the inspiration to write. Sometimes cemeteries will always there but and good excuse to revisit. Sometimes you need to go to the spa and unwind. The Dracula symposium looked really intresting.

    Take care

  2. Holy crow, I'm tired just reading about your month! And I thought I was busy. lol

    I booked an appointment for a manicure myself last week ... I have a difficult time sitting still that long. My mind is always racing, thinking about all the things I could be finishing if I weren't 'wasting my time' getting pampered. ;)