Wednesday, March 16, 2016 condoned gothy attire...

“I say, beware of all enterprises
that require new clothes,
and not rather a new wearer of clothes.”
~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

I’ve admired Mordaunte's Coffin Gems for quite some time but I’ve never purchased any of those pretty coffin stones until now… partly because I had purchased a garnet mined out of Montana that was shaped a bit like a cartoony coffin which I had set in a ring with black diamonds. That 3.81 cts. Montana Pyrope Garnet stone has eight sides while Mordaunte’s Coffin Gems have six side; and, well, eight is my favorite number. Of course, after the designer and I went back and forth about the placement of the prongs (and subsequently having to return when the stone was loose), the eight sides aren’t so obvious (except in my heart, I suppose).


During prospective student open house events and every Wednesday, faculty and students at my university are encouraged to wear our university colors (Buff & Blue). This has always been problematic for me since I tell myself, "why wear blue when you can wear black." And, while I like yellow, I do not think it is a flattering color for clothing for me. Plus, I would feel like a bumblebee.

One of my colleagues lovingly picks on me as she dons her colors weekly. Last summer, I finally found a blue dress that I like but she still says that I need some kind of Buff/Yellow/Gold.

I want to be a team-player but I also want to look like myself! I considered a yellow brooch or necklace... BUT THEN I remembered that Mordaunte's Coffin Gems has pendants! And luckily for me, there is a 10% off sale going on now with limited edition colors. One of which was the yellowish-green peridot spinel stone. It isn’t too green but green enough to cause some sort of confusion about the color. Well, the champagne topaz color seemed too light and too brown (I’m afraid there isn’t enough contrast between the dark blue dress and the color of the stone); and the light yellow was just too yellow for my taste… and I have to look somewhat like myself!

Think the administration will view this as weird? No, No, No! I may even start a trend for you see I'll be bursting with university pride with my school colors and a gemstone symbolic of the university’s notorious Coffin Door!

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