Tuesday, March 15, 2016

...more valuable than diamonds...

Every tooth in a man’s head

is more valuable than a diamond.
~Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

I love jewelry and I think that it can be transformative. By definition, that means that our accessories have the ability to “cause a major change in someone, especially in a way that makes them better.”  I like when there are eclectic and unexpected statements of jewelry that reflect who someone is. Maybe it’s my Lit professor side or simply how I’m wired but I adore the idea of symbolism and I love when something has a story behind it. I assume this is why I adore my jewelry necromancer, Kay Adams’ work so much. A story makes it that much more personal.

Some get tattoos, I tell my life in my jewelry sans the needles.

During the week of my birthday, I briefly mentioned that I broke my tooth. In fact, one-fourth of my tooth cracked. It actually didn’t come out until I arrived at the dentist, which was one week later. That week, I dined on soup and mushy foods only. I knew it was bad and I didn’t want to chance making things worse. 

When you're 42, the tooth fairy no longer drops in but I still asked my dentist if I could keep part of my tooth. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it but losing a good chunk of one’s tooth seems significant. 

Later that week when I went into Anthill Antiques, I saw one of Kay’s necklaces. I’m pretty good at deconstructing her designs to make them more me and she’s always up for that. This time (pun not intended), I noticed a hollowed out watch piece that had been transformed into a pendant. I simply asked if I could change the chain. 

I shared my plans; then I went home, gently placed my broken tooth piece inside the watch shell, and hammered (HAMMERED!) some cinnamon imperials into bits to add them into the shell as well. Voila! 

Thus ends my life as a hard candy chomper. It pains me because while I do not necessarily have a sweet tooth (i.e. I'm rather *shrug* about dessert in general) whenever I have the opportunity to chomp a lollipop or red hots, I do. Of course, the cost of the tooth repair AND the fact that I have destroyed a tooth are more painful! It's time to move forward, I decided.

Originally, I was looking for some kind of crown since I’m in the process of getting a crown on my tooth (not exactly the crown a girl has in mind) but an old watch with diamonds is even better. 

Now I'll carry these red hot candies close to my heart... along with the piece of tooth. I love how dainty the piece looks. I've already received a few compliments; and, I've already learned that people get incredibly grossed out by the idea of necklaces with teeth. Noted: you all are the last I'll tell ;D 


  1. RIP Hard candy. I had to give up taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Mary Janes, and the whole assortment of sticky, chewy, yummy candy years ago. I ripped a cap right out of my head ... and heard it too! *shudder*

    I love that you tell your story through jewelry. Let me tell you, traveling with you allowed me to see some of your jewelry and it's pretty damned amazing.

    My jewelry choices tend to show my mood or where my brain is at the moment. My tattoos don't tell my story, they carry my parents with me ... except for the frog on my leg and the ring of thorns around my belly button. Those are super personal. I tell my story through my clothing. That's why I have such a hard time fitting into one style or "the uniform." *Shrug*

    Keep being your adorable, weird, expressive self. Missing you, sweet cheeks.

    1. Okay, I shivered when I read that you HEARD the cap rip out. OUCH! Yes, bye bye sticky, chewy yummy goodness.

      Thanks :) Speaking of traveling... didn't we meet in person right around this time last year. Sigh. Where has the time gone? And SIGH, why aren't we in NOLA!!! ;) Soon.

      I like how you phrased it better... the tattoos carry your parents, a part of your story with you. That's pretty beautiful.

      Professor Z, your style is your own. Nobody needs to be a Goth-In-A-Box (OMG, do you remember Boyfriend-in-Box from middle school days... I seriously had to go Google for this and there they are! https://www.etsy.com/listing/115082433/boyfriend-in-a-box-gag-gift-novelty Bwa ha ha ha).