Sunday, July 6, 2014

... what's growing...

first tomatoes of the season

six blooms on the perennial hibiscus


What else is growing? My spirit! Was visited by this little guy when I decided to grill this evening.


  1. You are so lucky to have a garden. I live in an appartment (I do have access to a backyard though) but I don,t garden. I may try to do so in pots but one day when we own a home of our own, I will have my own little corner of dirt to play in!

  2. Oh, I do feel lucky having this space. I actually started gardening in containers when I lived in an apartment with a tiny balcony :D I'm going to update this post with a little friend who visited tonight :D

  3. Yay! Another fellow Goth gardener! I'm very happy finding more people with the same interests as mine. I live in a house with a mid size garden. My main passion is to grow veggies but I also try to create nice flower beds for the front yard. I have a lot of dreams and projects for my garden that I hope I can achieve further on.

  4. Hi Linnea-Maria. Welcome to my blog.

    I'm not *that* successful at growing vegetables. The tomatoes are working out this year but in the last few seasons the mockingbirds enjoy pecking each piece of fruit. Hmph. My garden focus has been to attract hummingbirds.