Wednesday, July 9, 2014

... garden- what's going on in the backyard...

Hibiscus bloom

Old English
Butterfly bush

Hummingbird Moth


  1. Years ago, my mother had evening primrose in her yard. It was a small town, and there wasn't a lot of excitement, so her friends would all come to our house every evening to watch them open. It was a surprisingly Big Deal in our neighborhood - I don't know why, the darned things grew wild in a ton of places (which is where she got them in the first place - by the side of the highway).

    Anyway. The primrose attracted more than just old ladies with nothing to do - we had a pair of those moths visiting almost every night. They'd show up shortly after the blooms opened and stay to feed. Mom dubbed them Skeeter and SKeebo and pretty soon just as many people came to see the moths as came to see the flowers!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I love this! Like your mother's primrose, hibiscus probably grow all around but I still get so excited. No one believed me about these little moths until I took a picture a few years ago. Even then, some thought I had photo-shopped the picture. I wonder if we're all just so starved for nature that we forget about the simple delights.