Monday, July 21, 2014

... ^o^ conversations with my folks...

Mom has Dracula beads?!?
Mom makes an anklet
I've mentioned that my mother is super crafty. Today, I headed to my folks for a visit. Here is a typical conversation among my family members on a Monday afternoon...

Me: What's this? (picks up bracelet Mom has made)
Mom: It's a bracelet but it's too big.
Me: (hooks it around her ankle) It needs a bat.
Mom: I have a coffin bead. Will that do?
Me: Gweee!
Mom: (Looks for coffin beads) No, these are the Dracula beads.
Me: You have Dracula beads?
Mom: Yes, I made you that bracelet. Remember?
Me: (argues) No, you made me a coffin and bat bracelet.
Mom: I guess you're right. The Draculas weren't as cute
Trying to see my new Dracula earrings

Dad: (walks in) Did you get that email I sent you about the coffin listed on Craig's List? 


  1. I love your family! Do they need another child? lol

    1. Sure! All our welcome :D I've always enjoyed calling my brother the oddball in the family. He's our *Marilyn Munster* :p

  2. HAHAHAHA! Your Mom sounds like mine! :) She would always be on the look out for fun Halloween stuff for me.

    1. She's super cute about it. She bought a decal for my car to fit over my break lights and when she pulled it out she fussed, "Drats, this is more Batman than bats!" because she gets it... sorta. I'm thrilled she even tries!

  3. Replies
    1. If you change your mind someday, can I have them??? ;-)

    2. Ha ha ha SURE! Like all family, they have their share of annoying and crazy... but then so do I :D I do feel really blessed to have them.