Friday, July 11, 2014

... nearly scared to death in the cemetery...

This morning I woke to the first pink hibiscus bloom of the season. I knew it was coming and ran out to see it. I think it is such a stunning flower and for some reason this color is more rare than the red hibiscus, or rather it produces fewer flowers.

The next part of my day was to go to the cemetery and check up on one section. I'm writing my tour script and stumbled across some information last night and sometimes the only way to verify that a person is buried in a spot is to go to that spot. While I was there, I decided to go through and practice the beginning of my tour. There are a few sections where I want to add some interesting tidbits about the individuals buried there but since it is a garden cemetery with winding pathways there isn't always an easy route. Nevertheless, while I was standing over the grave of William Burke, who is known for being Edgar A. Poe's school teacher [Update: after some research, I'm not exactly sure if this is THE William Burke school teacher who taught Poe], I was startled but not one but two large buck darting through the cemetery. Yes, this is a "garden cemetery" modeled after the rural cemetery movement; however, the city has built up all around it. It is right up against the James River so of course there is abundant wildlife all around but usually not mid-morning. I wish I could have taken a better picture but I'm just to happy to have captured this one.


  1. Wonderful!! Great pic, too, everything just lines up beautifully. You were so lucky to see them!

    A buck once surprised me by coming up out of a canyon at dusk while I was sitting in my car on a street at the edge of said canyon. We stared at each other for a few moments, then he walked regally up the street into the neighborhood! I wondered if anyone else noticed this gorgeous animal walking calmly up the sidewalk, past all the houses...

    1. I was really lucky one of them stopped. My phone was already out because I was using iBooks to go through my tour. I was able to snap the picture and as soon as I took a step, he took off!