Sunday, August 23, 2015 textured scroll blazer...

“Fashion fades,
only style remains the same.”
~Coco Chanel

I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I have 21 black blazers in my closet. Some are velvet, others have a slight pinstripe, and others have a wide circus stripe… and so on. Blazers are incredibly versatile. I wear them to work, out to dinner, with dresses, with jeans…anywhere and anytime. Even in the middle of a Virginia summer when the humidity and heat are in full force, blazers are nice to have for the office and icy air-conditioned trains.

This blazer makes #22 and I have no regrets because the fabric on this one is amazing. It reminds me of fabric one would find on a grandmother’s couch. I’m sure DressBarn would be just thrilled that I described it that way. It’s incredibly light without any lining which makes it the perfect blazer for warmer weather. The blazer does not button which I am fine with for warmer weather blazers. In cooler fall weather I would prefer a blazer that buttons so that I could layer it and use it as a jacket but that isn’t needed now. The blazer also has two front zip pockets which is great for stashing one’s lip gloss.

I tried to capture the fabric pattern in the light but you all know that I am the absolute worst blogger when it comes to posting outfits!  

It’s called “Textured Scroll”; I call it *Gothy Amazement*!

The skirt is from WHBM and the sweater is from Macy's. I finally remembered to write that! I should just stick to my garden posts :p but I loved this blazer and wanted to share especially because their website doesn't do it justice. If I hadn't seen this in the store while I returning a dress that didn't work out, I would have never considered this blazer.


  1. The new blazer looks great on you!

  2. Cute blazer! I see nothing wrong with owning 22 blazers, especially since you are a professional woman. I was just in Dress Barn and bought the rain coat that they had on "featured" display by the door. It fits like a glove and has a HOOD! WAHOO! :)

    1. Ooohhhh, I have been wanting a trench coat. I'll have to check that out :D

  3. I need more blazers in my life, this one looks wonderful on you!

  4. This is a gorgeous blazer. I need more blazers too. I used to have a whole bunch of them when I was in a more corporate position. I think this one really suits you and given your position, I think owning a whole bunch of them is ideal.

  5. Now I am jealous, I would love 22 awesome blazers!

  6. There is nothing wrong with having 22 black blazers!

  7. That looks terrific! I own 10 blazers even though I work in scrubs. ^_^. They are just so cute & dependable for so many occasions. Great find!

  8. Such beautiful blazer! I am almost envious that you have so many blazers, I have none. D: I just do not seem to find a blazer that would fit me well and not be baggy from the back. :(