Thursday, February 25, 2016

...Dracula peek-a-boo...

To know what you prefer,
instead of humbly saying "Amen" to what the world tells you you ought to prefer,
is to keep your soul alive.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Thanks to Holly for the Fifth Annual Vampire's Day Soiree  at Holly’s Horrorland or I may have never realized that I did NOT actually own a Dracula, or even a little vampire, brooch. Sure, sure, I have a tiny Dracula book on a necklace; I even have a book spin of Dracula made into a cuff. Heck, I even have an amazing vampire hand belt buckle (Thanks Franny for being my enabler ;D ).

You see, as I was putting together my collections (“alone with the dead” and “another batty day”) during my party prep and I wondered, “How could this be possible?” I asked my favorite jewelry necromancer to be on the look-out and then I went to Etsy.

Not only did I find some adorable vampire brooches but I found this Limited Edition JJ Jonette Count Dracula pin with moveable parts! Ladies, he hides and then he opens his cape to reveal moons and stars and BATS!!! And if you find him adorable, the FrivolousIndulgences has two more in stock.  


  1. Hehehehe ... my pleasure! :) I was dreaming of NOLA again; Ed and I keep talking about it. I would love to transport us to one of the cemeteries and then off to do some shopping along Decatur.

    Your Drac is adorable!!!