Monday, March 16, 2015

... pausing for spring...

Until therapy about six years ago, I never quite comprehended the term “break” or “vacation”. When I was a student in college, Spring Break meant extra hours to work to pay for college costs and books. While my students head to beach week and even my peers travel, I find myself looking at Spring Break as Spring *Catch Up/ Research/ Help Out/ Rendezvous/ Breathe*.
spontaneity & beach custard
The weekend was an unplanned exercise in busy. Saturday morning I ran errands with my fella and then on Saturday night while driving to go pick up my Babushka, I noted one of the new interstate signs that notes the travel time to various sites. When I arrived, I asked if she had a curfew. Nope. Off we headed to the Atlantic Ocean because why not. Virginia Beach is about 100 miles from us. Of course, Washington, DC is about the same distance but with traffic that just isn’t always doable. We arrived to a beautiful 65 degree windy night with amazing clouds and even better waves. We walked on the beach. I put my feet in and the water was like ice! We ate at The Raven just because that is always where we eat; then, we walked the boardwalk while eating custard with “jimmies” (aka sprinkles). Of course the drive was part of the adventure and time with her is never a wasted. We talked about everything like we have since we were little. During the semester, I am often to worn out from commuting and teaching to connect with my friends. Together time happens only on the weekends or on semester breaks. 

Before- you can see the crosses and a Peter Murphy print
Sunday was the-unexpected-we-haven’t-hung-my-fellas-artwork-and-mirror-because-it-takes-him-a-zillion-years-to-decide-on-everything (and yet, he chose me!) time to blend our home. All of my artwork came off the walls (I had actually removed the 40 crosses months ago because *THAT* was the only thing that bothered him (never mind the “haunted Victorian carriage” or the “haunted coffin-shaped journal” which he frequently mentions). I have collected crosses for as long as I could remember and honestly, it was time for a change. I kept my favorites and those that are especially sentimental such as one of the crosses that I picked up at one of the Missions while visiting my friend in San Antonio, Texas.  On the flight home, I ended up detaining my mother and me. I carefully packed the cross in my suitcase and when TSA asked if I had any weapons, I laughed and said, “Only if you’re a vampire”. That was the wrong answer if you want to get through security quickly :p
After- the merging of pieces

Anyhow, my fella and I blended our pieces. I like to call it Mythological meets Macabre although most of the macabre is actually in knickknacks in the cabinet and on the coffee table not pictured.The wall color is actually a light lavender although it appears white in this photo.

After- stairs with bridal portrait
After my metaphorical pruning post, I actually had some time yesterday to get into my backyard and clean up a bit. I did some pruning touch-ups and cleaned out some left over leaves from the fall that ended up under the snow. I’m itching for flowers! But instead, I am going to help my father clean out my brother and his ex-wife’s storage unit. They moved out of state years ago and my folks have been footing the bill for the storage unit. Sigh. If I don’t help, it’s all on my father and it isn’t like he’s getting any younger. Today’s philosophy- if it can’t be donated, throw it out! How bad could a storage unit me :-/ (I shouldn’t ask).

When I get home, I really want to tackle the school work (feedback on papers, lesson planning, etc.) so that tomorrow I can write my paper for a presentation in April that will be here before I know it. Oy!


  1. Wow, I wish I had as many decorations as you! I guess it is from years living in small apartments. I haven't acquired much! Glad to hear you found some downtime!

  2. Boy, you have a busy "break"! But it is certainly good to make some space at home to make your special one feel welcome and loved. This is why my home is less gothy than I planned in the beginning. But I love him more than my decorations, so there's that! ^^

    I'd also love to visit the beach once more, I might need to ask my friends for the day at the beach I was promised for my last Birthday...

  3. LOL can so imagine the guy at airport security ^^

    1. that was hilarious! I am surprised they ever let you through!

  4. I love the look of the house, very inspiring towards the decor I would like one day when I finally have my own place! I definitely want picture walls! I also love crosses for the funerary symbolism, although I am not Christian.

    I would love to go to The Raven! Your time with your friend sounds great, what is better than spontaneous ice cream on a cold day? I think that is perfect!