Friday, March 13, 2015

...guest blogger post...

Hey Look! I'm the guest blogger over at The Cemetery Researcher!


  1. Okay, as soon as I saw this I told myself that I would wait to go read the guest post ... savoring it for a quiet moment to enjoy it to its fullest. What did I do? I raced over there via your link with any hesitation and devoured the article. Great job! You already know how much I love Hollywood Cemetery. I didn't know the story about the Russian prince and princess. Pretty cool!

    1. Awesome!

      I know! Everyone walks by the two of them because they don't have a fancy marker but the story is pretty cool.

      Not too far away is the last man with whom Edgar A. Poe had a duel. Fortunately for Poe, he didn't go through with it because the man had previously participated in over two dozen duels and killed a few. I love the random facts about those who aren't famous.