Thursday, October 23, 2014

...a Busch Gardens All-Access Experience Bridal Shower...

Most bridal showers and bachelorette parties are just not for me. I’ve been to and thrown some that are quite fun but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken a larger step toward being introverted.  I didn’t want a party, I just wanted to spend time with my best friend aka “Babushka” (we share the same nickname for each other which derives from us giggling about something in seventh grade). I thought about heading to one of Richmond’s historic hotels, The Jefferson, to spend the weekend together but in the end Busch Garden’s All-Access experience won out.
Neither of us had any idea what to expect. The website promised:
When we say all-access, we mean it. Venture behind-the-curtain with this all-access tour to find the ultimate experience, this tour includes:
  • Priority access for all haunted houses
  • Reserved seating at our shows
  • Dinner at Das Festhaus
  • Behind-the-scenes at one haunted house
  • Meet & greet with the cast at one of our shows.
  • Get makeup done just like the performers.
Last Saturday, we headed to Busch Gardens. We had no idea that at 2pm we would be meeting a guide and a small group whom we would be touring with for the rest of the day… until 10pm! Honestly, I’m not sure if I would have booked this is the website had posted a detailed description because I would have wanted to just hang out with Babushka; however, it ended up being the most amazing day ever!
Nerdy/ self-diagnosed OCD ME needed to check-in an hour in advance to understand the process. Luckily we did because at this point we realized we wouldn’t be able to ride any of the rides the rest of the evening because of the tour. “Bummer”, I may have muttered and just like that we received Quick Queue tickets to the Apollo’s Chariot and the Griffin, two roller coasters we hoped to ride. We had just enough time to ride both, grab food, and walk in to Guest Services while eating to meet the group. From there, we were escorted to the make-up area and met the supervisor/ costume and make-up for all of the shows. We received bloody gashes (I mean, doesn’t that jus scream Bridal Shower?!?) and learned about various costuming and make-up decisions. We watched a ridiculous comedian which I won’t go into since I’m posting this online and I don’t want anyone giving me the stink eye. We toured one of the haunts with lights before it was opened for the evening. And trust me we still were scared going through it at night. We then were able to attend ALL of the shows and haunts which wouldn’t have been possible without a guide. The park was packed!
Some of my favorite moments included the Werewolf singer giving Babushka a lap dance; being scared silly in every haunt we went through; and, the topper was being pulled up on stage by the lead vampire during Night Beats. It was super fun. At the end of the night, we had caricatures made in bridal attire.


Oh, I forgot to mention… my fella and I moved up our wedding to this Sunday. Instead of being a Winter Solstice princess, I’ll now be a pumpkin princess. I changed my red wedding dress to an amazing black dress from White House Black Market and fortunately all of my other pieces (veil, sash, shoes, jewelry, etc.) work with the new dress. Only a few friends and family are privy to our changes. We finally just got tired of waiting for the wedding to come. Let's just get on with it already! The Bed & Breakfast was able to accommodate the change with just a few changes.  The main difference for me is that I won't be able to use my awesome Christmas ornament bouquet that I made and will just be surprised by a fall floral bouquet.


  1. Best Bridal Shower Ever! :D Congratulations on your impending nuptials! Have a wonderful day! And a wonderful life together! ❤

    1. Thanks! It was a fun and exhausting day. I laughed so hard my head hurt :D

  2. WAIT?!? You're getting married on SUNDAY?!?! WAHOOOOOO! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! How exciting! PHOTOS! We want PHOTOS!

    1. Thank you! The B&B owner is going to be our amateur photographer for the ceremony and then we'll take professional shots in a month or so when I'm not so freaked out :D

  3. That looks like a fabulous day out and SQUEE! You are getting married soon :)

    I planned and executed my wedding in 3 weeks - the fact it fell on Halloween was a very lucky coincidence. I just couldn't bear the weight of expectation from my family & friends of having a longer run in - and it worked out brilliantly, being so laid back on the day and a great deal of fun.

    I hope you enjoy your day as much as I enjoyed mine, and looking forward to seeing pics of what sounds like a fabulous outfit.

    1. We've made these changes in about three weeks. Unfortunately, Halloween day was booked solid so we could have gotten married but not stayed at the B&B and we really wanted to stay. The week OF Halloween is a nice compromise for me. No friends or family... Just us! It feels exciting and special. Thank you!

  4. Sounds like a great bridal shower! The normal ones are not to my taste either. It sounds like a fun place! I want to go to Dracula's Cabaret in Australia.

    My partner's grandparents anniversary is Halloween, but they didn't plan it that way, I don't think Halloween is big in Holland. I like the idea of a Halloween weddding!