Monday, March 16, 2015

... supporting the (local) arts... artist Abigail Larson writes, “I've taken the leap and joined Patreon!
Why? To fund the personal projects I've been talking about completing for the last 5 years! Help bring Poe, Lovecraft, and fairytale adaptions to life!
If you're interested in getting involved in helping to fund my first project, my own re-telling and fully illustrated dark version of "Beauty and Beast," become a patron by following the link below - and please help spread the word!” 

To participate, visit: 


  1. I love Abigail Larson and have some of her prints in my home! I'' look at my budget and see if I can supoort her some more...

    1. My fella calls one of the walls in the house "Ode to Abby" :p

  2. very pretty illustrations! have to pass on this round since moving houses eats more money than i have already :-/

  3. Oooh that would be so great! More Abigail is definitely something this world needs!