Thursday, January 29, 2015

... The Raven EVERMORE...

If poems had birthday parties, Edgar A. Poe’s “The Raven” would be blowing out 170 candles!

The poem had already been rejected by another publisher; and, Poe even used a pseudonym when it was finally published! While there are various sources arguing about what Poe was paid for the piece, we do know that he made little money from it especially since there strict copyright laws like today prohibiting the work from being reprinted without the author being paid.

Okay, it's not like this was marked on today's calendar. This was a little tidbit that I picked up in the blogosphere.  For more information from the Richmond Poe Museum, including information about Elizabeth Barrett Browning's reaction to the poem, visit the Museum News page


  1. Happy birthday Raven! What a cool fact! Thanks!

  2. Price and Poe. What a classic combination. That was nice to listen to on a quiet Friday morning. And now I want to watch all the Roger Corman movies again! :)

  3. That was awesome! Poe was definitely the King of Creepy, and Vince Price was the perfect Voice for him. All hail, the Raven! ;-)