Monday, January 19, 2015

... grocery store orchids...

It’s that time of the year when I miss the beautiful blooms of my garden. I have indoor terrariums and hyacinths bulbs but I want more! I actually ran to the grocery store today to pick up a hyacinth bulb for my office. I bought a bromeliad too because I find them terrible alien-like and amusing. They’re also quite beautiful. Beside them were grocery-store orchids. I’ve always liked orchids and have

even gone to the state orchid show a few times. They’re usually white or light purple. Some of the more unique ones even have speckles but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as stunning as the one I purchased today. Inside it’s a dark purple; in the sun, it’s more deep wine.  Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as moth orchids or what I call grocery-store orchids are one of the easiest types of orchid to grow, and are often referred to as the beginner’s orchid. Considering I’m a beginning, this works for me. I read up on them and it appears that their blooms only remain for a few months and then they fall off. These orchids only bloom once a year. This beauty is going to live in my bathroom where hopefully my fella’s Pouncey Paws, as I call her, won’t attempt to eat it.


  1. You know, you have me wondering if my Mom's orchid is blooming. I better stop there tonight to pick up the rest of the plants, including that little beauty. Thanks for the reminder, dear friend.

    PS: I'm so counting the days until we meet in New Orleans! How excited are you?!? Ed thinks it's cool that he's going to meet a fellow blogger. WAHOO!

    1. That would be so cool is you did walk in and there were blooms :D

      Oh My Word... I can't wait! Aside from meeting Ed, there are so many exciting presentations too ;p Are you going to be able to make the whole conference? At this point unless someone gives me the stink eye, I am.

    2. We've already made arrangements to be there for the whole thing. My presentation is on Thursday morning. We're coming in Tuesday afternoon and leaving on Sunday. I figured if we're going to be in New Orleans we might as well do some tourist stuff. WAHOO!

      It had a new stalk so I'm assuming there are blooms. I need to grab the "mother-in-law's" tongue, too. I'll post photos on FB.

    3. I'll be there from Wednesday until Sunday so I'm hoping to see a former student and just simply BE in New Orleans. Still need to book my flight but everything else is set.

      My presentation is Friday evening! Maybe because it's vampire themed :p

    4. Ooooo fun! I'll come to your presentation! We're looking for a goth night to do on Friday night or Saturday night. I'll keep you posted. Also, Southwest is running some AWESOME deals.

    5. I have a voucher for American Airlines but it will only include one ticket (there or back... not both grrr) plus I have to call. I check out SW. I'm pretty sure I'll be paying for all of this trip (which is okay really).

      OOOhhhh! That's going to be fun. Let me know what you find out!

    6. We need to come up with a Dual post or something...

      Okay, I seriously need to finish a syllabus for TOMORROW!!! What is wrong with me! I never wait this late grrrr. More later!

    7. YES!!! OMG! WE SO NEED TO COME UP WITH A DUAL POST! Wait, why am I yelling? HAHAHAHA!

      Go, write that syllabus. Shine, baby! SHINE!

  2. Maybe it was too much Alice in Wonderland, but I always think orchids have pouty little faces. I also do talk to plants :p