Wednesday, October 8, 2014

... haunted truffles to die for...

Moonstruck Chocolate 10 pc. Haunted House Chocolate Truffle Collection

This Haunted House collection features Moonstruck's Monster Mash truffles including the Crème Brulée Werewolf, Peanut Butter Ghost, Blood Orange Devil and Popping Praline Mummy truffles combined with their Toffee Frankenstein, Milk Chocolate Spider, Extra-Bittersweet Web truffle, Extra-Bittersweet Black Cat, Milk Chocolate Pumpkin and Extra Bittersweet Pumpkin truffles. Handcrafted and hand-decorated in Portland, Oregon. I ate the Blood Orange Devil and yum, he was tasty! My only complaint… What?!? No VAMPIRES!?! 


  1. NO vampires??? How rude of them!! Seriously, though, these look totally YUMMMM!!!

    1. I sorta wanted to shellac them so I could keep them forever but the devil was so tasty that I know I'll eat them all :-/