Tuesday, October 14, 2014

... Halloween SHOVEL Contest Reminder...

Just a little nudge and a reminder about the Halloween Shovel Contest.

Maybe you'll bake a coffin cake *with a shovel*?!? Maybe you'll post your Halloween decorations *with a shovel*?!?

You can even take a bit of inspiration from
Lucretia's Reflection blog since she already posted her entry and I'm STILL laughing. 

Here's the contest! And it's pretty simple I think because really all you need is a shovel. Now, I presume the entries will be silly and fun but note my disclaimer... if you do something wicked or illegal, don't try to blame this blog or me for brainwashing you into it! (insert fussy face here) Here's what ya need to do:
  1. Create a post with some sort of reference to a shovel. Preferably you should have a shovel in the picture somehow. That's right! Ha ha it's both garden and cemetery related AND you can even write, "I DIG..." just like my little skeleton artwork I entitled, "I dig your heart" which now that I look at it should be "I dig my heart".
  2. Link your post to my Halloween post. I don't have any HTML coding to offer because I'm just not that fancy.
  3. Write a comment with your post link on the Halloween post so that I know where to look. 
  4. Because it's a Halloween contest, it's due on Halloween! October 31st before midnight. You have 31 days!
DISCLAIMER: This blog owner cannot be responsible for any arrests made due to your shovel habits e.g. if you bring a shovel into a graveyard, etc.


  1. Here is my entry for the contest about a shovel.


    I couldn't link it here so I guess you'll just have to cut and paste it in.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to read this... but leaving here in an hour to get married! Eeek!